Monday, December 05, 2011

The Escapism of Contemporary Businessmen

The surroundings are shaking and the so called businessman in smart clothing is neither an industrialist nor an entrepreneur. He has no emotional bonds to this company and his long term perspectives are non-existent. Thus no need to ride out the storm. Instead run, gain momentum and jump to the next one.

The intricate multitude of values and social attachments are deconstructed into zeroes and ones which makes it is easy to fit into a theory suitable for internet based software. Thus are part of the essentials for building a civil society replaced by ignorance freed from requirement.

Meanwhile in a parallel part of the planet is an old home computer from the early 80s living through a renaissance of new crowd funded games. An illustrative example of both the topics in this blogpost is Canabalt. Some six weeks after he released his impressive conversion of Prince of Persia for the Commodore 64, Mr.SID came with his conversion of Canabalt for the same platform. Another version, entitled C64anabalt, was released by Paulko64 as part of the RGCD 16KB Cartridge Game Development Competition a week later. The purpose of the game is to get the constantly running businessman as far as possible and both adaptations provides an instant fix and attentional gameplay. It is shallow albeit most entertaining.

Market economy and an open society is dependent on a social fabric built from generations behind and cannot in any way rely solely on short term venture capital buildings. That is for instance why family owned businesses tend to last also through tougher periods. They are built with a solid structure on a real foundation in order to keep the above mentioned escapism at bay.

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