Monday, November 14, 2022

Thursday, July 28, 2022

Resurrected in petscii cyberspace

Enter the search string "how to get friends and turn immensely popular" into your search engine of choice and becoming a sysop for a bulletin board system available only from petscii-capable 40-column terminals via telnet will most certainly come up first. For this reason I spent hundreds and hundreds of hours over a year, together with a few chosen fellow nerds, in order to get the Boar's Head Tavern BBS up and running and working fairly stably.

That was until the launch in spring last year. Since then the cyberpunk Sea*Bass from the abyss has of course continued to cause hacking-headache and -hypertension while reinforcing the love in my marriage. The Boar has until now welcomed almost 5000 calls and has 200 users, and it has had featured articles in both flagship disk magazines Vandalism News and Propaganda.

Those articles are preferably read together with the rest of their outfit from a disk on a real 6510-based machine or in an emulator, and can of course be downloaded from the Tavern. I have however made the screens available for those unable to here (zoomable .png):

The solitary node for the online pub Boar’s Head Tavern is always present in cyberspace past the Tannhäuser Gate. For help on how to rummage around inside a Commodore 64 in my data dungeon, a primer is available here (.pdf):