Friday, December 13, 2019

Quod erat demonstrandum

Decades of fighting an ever-increasing amount of layer after layer of red tape, which is drowning enterprise and feed only cronyism and bureaucrats. Decades with failing attempts of trying to achieve sober economical policies rather than living on loaned funds and pushing mountains of debt onto our children.

When you opt out of a ship that refuses to steer rationally, the complacent elite still ignores the critique and turns to bullying. Where Eurocrats prefer talking about further social engineering and identity politics rather than addressing the fact that last time France’s national budget balanced was in 1973, then you understand that your decision will be wise in the long run.

Scandinavia has been strongly allied with Great Britain in the above mentioned, often against blindly naive analyses. Now the voice of reason is dimmed within, and I wonder whom will be the next ones to leave. Godspeed!