Friday, February 06, 2009

The Human Zoo of the c64 Scene

The fact that a scene was founded by nerdy teenage boys is obviously reflected in its nicknames, titles of productions and names of crews. A dead old computer scene with continuity since the very beginning, as opposed to an all recently made up retro scene, will bear colourations of its rich history. Together with my friends in the notorious gang, after quite a delay, the renowned disk-magazine finally turned issue fifty. The Golden Edition is at last released, thirty-four chapters, twelve exclusively composed SID-tunes and quite an impressive graphical design. Fifty issues since it was started by the Tasmanian devils in 1991. With a c64 scene that against all odds keeps the pacemaker throbbing, I do not see a near end to the wickedness.

The articles I have written are readable online, but I would strongly recommend them either on the real machine or in an emulator.